First-time author uses incredible experience to write book

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First-time author Alex MacInnis will be launching his book on Wednesday, June 22 at the Sister Catherine Steele Centre in Lourdes.

Titled Heavenly Eyes: Asking Ourselves the Tough Questions and Finding Hope in the Answers, the book is effectively the story of MacInnis’ life but it’s also the story of something much larger. It is a story he felt he could only tell in a book.

“I had an experience at the monastery in Monastery,” MacInnis said. “When I try to tell people about it I come off like some kind of a religious nut or something. I put it aside and then I never did anything with it for quite a while and then it wouldn’t get out of my head so I figured I had to write a book about it.”

The experience, he said, was: “I had a miracle happen to me. And because of that the only way I could tell people about it was through a book.”

MacInnis said he was taking part in a eucharist rite when he had expressed some doubts.

“I said to Jesus, ‘If it’s all a hoax that we’re going through I don’t want to be part of any of it.’ When the priest came out, he takes the host and puts it away then he blesses the people. When he blessed the people I could see Jesus in the host just like I could see anybody.

“At the time there was about five people and I saw Jesus in the eucharist and one other lady saw Him as well, confirming what I saw. And that’s why I could write the book about it.”

As one would expect, this changed MacInnis greatly but also left him witness to an event and possessing an incredible story.

MacInnis said he was never able to shake what happened to him that day, and he eventually sought advice from a friend on how to go about crafting a book.

“This kind of thing really never happens to people,” MacInnis said.

“There was no way I could tell my story to anybody, but my whole life changed. My belief that there is a God, that there is life after life and I’d better be prepared to meet Him.”

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