Breeze & Wilson teaming up with Noteworthy in concert

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The right song can change your mood, change your life, or bring back memories. The wrong song can lead to an unlikely friendship.

Such was the case between the groups Breeze & Wilson of the West Midlands, UK, and Noteworthy of Sharon St. John United Church, Stellarton.

Both groups will be performing at Sharon St. John on Friday, June 24. Tickets for the fundraising show are $20.


Normand Girard with Noteworthy explained the beginnings of the friendship between the two bands.

“That’s an interesting story,” Girard said. “One of our guitar players was looking for the chords for a Peter, Paul and Mary song called ‘With Your Face to the Wind’ but it is also known as ‘Harriet’s Song’ and the guitarist went online and found ‘Harriet’s Song’ by Breeze & Wilson and thought that was the song I was looking for. He listened to it and was just taken by this duo.”

The guitarist, Jim Hahnen, was so taken by Breeze & Wilson that he raved about them to his friend, the late Stan Carew who soon began playing the group’s material on his CBC radio show. This in turn led to the duo – a not so well known, regional act in England – suddenly having a growing fan base in Nova Scotia. When their offer of free CDs for fans in Nova Scotia resulted in hundreds of requests, they were taken aback and soon took Carew up on an offer to tour the province with him.

Breeze & Wilson also have a history of doing charity shows for worthy causes which led to them performing at Sharon St. John and meeting the band whose fault the whole thing was. Girard said the duo have visited Nova Scotia for the past seven years and now have a collection of songs inspired by their time here including ‘Oh, Nova Scotia’ and ‘Oh, Zoe’ which is dedicated to Carew’s dog.

As for Noteworthy, Girard said their performances have mostly been confined to Sharon St. John where they complement the more traditional choir and spice up the musical offerings with Christian rock.

“We tend to stick with religious, rock-type church music during the church service but if we have an event in our church and they’re looking for entertainment we’ll sing different music; it’s more secular music we do at that point,” Girard said.

The band’s full set list leans heavy on folk as well as contemporary music and can feature selections from artists as diverse as Boney M and Gordon Lightfoot.
Girard said, “It’s an interesting group because most of the people in our group cannot read music so the way I have to get them to learn the song is we go on YouTube, we find the song, we listen to it and we get the words and that’s how we get to perform.”

Girard describes the band’s set as “very relaxing music” and promises for the show to be a “very relaxing evening” which will take the form for a BYOS (bring your own snacks) kitchen party.

For additional information regarding the upcoming show  contact 902-752-1276, 902-755-1527, or email


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