Reliable Internet needed


To the Editor:

I frequently hear from constituents regarding their frustration with lack of or unreliable Internet service. This is a very real problem for many in Pictou West and throughout rural Nova Scotia.

Tasks that were once done in person, such as shopping, communicating, education and banking are now done online.  Where does that leave the close to 1,000 customers in rural Nova Scotia without Internet access or, at best, with slow and unreliable service?

Many businesses in rural Nova Scotia such as those in the tourism industry and those who rely on exporting goods require an online presence.

We need to even the playing field for small businesses outside of the urban centers. If it wasn’t so sad it would be laughable in 2016, lack of access to fast and reliable broadband

Internet is still an ongoing struggle.

“Options for Rural Broadband Connectivity” outlined very specific steps that this government can take to close the gap between the rural and urban areas of our province. Access to affordable high speed Internet service goes hand in hand with economic and educational benefits.

The time to act is now.

Karla MacFarlane
MLA Pictou West

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