Restore golf club to former grandeur


To the Editor:

Having just had any idea of amalgamation quashed, we now need to focus on how to survive on our own. As we are trying to tout our town and county as a tourist destination, we need to look for places and things we have to attract people to our area.

Pictou, at one time, had so many historic places and buildings it was a real step back in time. Unfortunately, most of the places are gone; original Pictou Academy – fire; original courthouse – fire; most all of main street – fire and the list goes on.

Recently we lost Strathcona Place on Norway Point to the wrecker. What a loss!
We are now in danger of losing another historic building and site that used to be owned by early settler Hugh Denoon.

Around 1825, he built a home on his farm called Belleville, atop a hill overlooking Pictou, the harbour and the entrance to the harbour.

He passed away in 1836 and the farm was run by his wife. In 1846 the house burnt and the place was sold in 1853 to a James Fogo.

Fogo built the present structure on the original Belleville house site. The foundation and chimney stone were quarried across the road in the present day Rollie MacDonald quarry.
Fogo farmed the property for a short while then developed it in to a golf course.
It now sits idle in a sad state of neglect and disrepair.

All efforts to contact and negotiate with present owners go unanswered.

All efforts to raise enough funds to purchase the place have proven fruitless!

If we are to promote our area as a tourist destination, we need to restore the house to its original Tuscan manner and the course to its former tough little par 32. Not many can par it!
There is lots of history to tell about that part of town and the downtown too, but it all takes money. Wish I had enough!

Dwight MacDonald
Central Caribou

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