Build the twinned highway before more lives are lost


To the Editor :

We have all been in a classroom  and have had the teacher tell us to close the book as study time is over for it is now time to get to work.

It now appears that the McNeil Government does not know or understand the meaning of that when it comes to the twinning of the 100 series highways. And that, folks, goes for the twinning of the 104 from Sutherlands River to Antigonish. A petition has already been taken and I believe has well over a thousand names. So that would tell me that the people want it twinned – with or without the tolls.

And more studies are not going to make it any different at this time.  So I say to the McNeil Government: put the study book away and get the job done for there has been too many lives lost on this part of the 104 highway already.

It is not only the lives that are lost but the toll it is taking on the first responders and the members of our police service attending these accident scenes when there is a loss of life due to an  accident.

So for myself and my family I say build the twinned highway with a toll if you have to, but get it done. Thank you and drive safe.

Loyd Murray
New Glasgow

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