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County athletes win Atlantic title

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STELLARTON – Pictou County Athletics has won the Atlantic Track and Field Championship for the second straight year.

There were many wins and personal best performances among the 43 local athletes who competed at the meet in Saint John, N.B.

In women’s events, Breanna Sandluck won both her 16-17 age group 1,500-metre and 3,000-metre races and the only finisher in the 2,000-etre steeplechase.

Earle BreannaAllie Sandluck was first and Rachel Walton was second in their 14-15 age group 2,000-metre race.

Taylor Cromwell was second in both the 2,000-metre and 3,000-metre 12-15 races. Cromwell was third and Lauren MacLeod fourth in the 100-metre final.

Rachel Walsh won the 14-15 steeplechase, while Megan Graham was second in the 400-metre race for those 18-19.

Lauren Quann was second, Graham third and Jordan Landry fourth in the 18-19 age group 100-metre hurdles race. Graham was second and Landry fourth in the 400-metre hurdles race.

PCA won the 35-99 4×100-metre relay and had the only entry in the 18-19 age group and 14-15 age group in the 4×400-metre relay.

PCA also won the 400-metre 14-15 spring medley.

In field events, Macayla Cullen won the 20-34 high jump, while Lauren Quann won the 18-19 long jump and was the only entry in high jump in the age group. Deele Hines won 35-99 long jump.

Tatum McLean won her 16-17 hammer throw event and was second in shot put and discus.
Gabby Smith won her 14-15 javelin throw event, while Heath Miller was second in javelin and hammer throw. Lexie Trevors was first and Bailey Koehoorn second in 18-19 javelin.
Robin Simpson was second in 18-19 shot put and discus, while Carlin Purvis was third in discus. Garyn Purvis was the only participant in 14-15 hammer throw.

In men’s events, Parker Swain won his 12-15 shot put and discus events and was second in hammer throw and javelin. Dennis Moore was third in hammer throw.

Jake Temple was first in 16-17 javelin, while Logan Coulet was the only entry in 18-19 javelin.

In other field events, Kaelan Schmidt won his 18-19 high jump and triple jump events, while Ethan MacDonald was third in 14-15 high jump.

Brett Claveau-Corbin was first in 16-17 high jump, second in triple jump and third in long jump.

Logan Coulet was second in 18-19 high jump, while in 12-15 events Logan Kirwan was second and Jake Murray was third in long jump.

Broden DeCoff won the 12-15 age group 300-metre race and placed third in the 100-metre final, while Coulet was third in the 18-19 age group 100-metre sprint.

Dave MacLennan was first in both his 35-99 runs at 800 metres and 5,000 metres and second in his 1,500-metre run.

Raymond Simpson won his 16-17 race at 3,000 metres, while Scott Langille was the only runner in the 18-19 age group 3,000-metre and 10,000-metre distances.

Matthew Fraser was the only entry in the 20-34 run at 10,000 metres.

Eric Hughes was third in 16-17 hurdles and the 2,000-metre steeplechase race, while MacDonald was second in the 12-15 age group 1,500-metre steeplechase.

PCA was the only team entered in the 14-15 age group 4×100-metre and 4×400-metre relays and 35-99 age group 4×400-metre relay and was second in the 35-99 age group 4×100-metre relay.

Breanna Sandluck shows her running form during the 2016 Joe Earle Memorial Road Races in Trenton.  (File photo)

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