PA 200 praise, in poem


To the Editor:
A Letter To My Hometown

Dear Pictou,
For a week in July, I came home to visit you,
To share in PA200 to reconnect with a friend or two.
I could feel the tremendous energy and the heat.
As I meandered slowly along Water Street
My heart was full as I walked that familiar beat.
My memories would come forward and then retreat,
Remembering some people, forgetting more than a few.
I began to understand what 50 years away could do.
Now here I was “Home” in my lovely small town,
Showing its best face to all who were around.
Its beauty shone through and made me proud
The waterfront was full with such a huge crowd.
The Hector swayed ever so softly in her berth.
And I was the happiest person on earth.
The roots of this town run very deep for me
My Dad also came from Pictou, too, you see.
Our school, Pictou Academy,  stood high on the hill,
Looking so strong, so permanent, and so still.
Remembrances of long ago ran through my brain.
It amazed me how I relived those memories again,
Of friends and teachers, and those who have passed away
Came flooding back into my mind on this special day.
PA 200 was planned by a very dedicated crew
Who really and truly knew just what to do.
They laid out the plans and oh they were great!
We all partook and we drank and we ate.
We talked and we laughed and some shed a tear
When we realized the power of this 200th year.
Those who worked so hard at this must be commended
Their work was amazing, revered by all who attended.
The music was incredible with a tribute to Fleur
It was clear that no one will ever forget about her.
It featured musicians who were second to none
Oh, how very proud it made everyone.
Class reunions abounded and were full of fun
Mine was fabulous and I’d call it a “Number One!”
Special thanks to Paula and Garth, that’s for sure
For welcoming us all with such an open door.
So if you couldn’t get  home we want you to know.
We missed you and thought of you, and that is so.
For Pictou loves its people and remembers them well
Just say a nickname and a story we’ll tell.
So thank you Pictou for this journey to our  past.
We salute everyone because we all had a blast.
We will carry sweet memories from this perfect event
And it will be a reminder of a wonderful time well spent.

Janice Veniot
Class of ’66

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