Seat sale doesn’t sit well with longtime parishioner


To Bishop Brian Dunn, also to Father John Barry, Parish Priest at St. Peter’s Parish, Tracadie.
To the Editor:
I am amazed at you, selling our church pews. I am one of those people that paid for the seats. How would you like it if we went to your parish and sold your church pews? I would say its time you Priests stop these things. I say we paid our dues to the Dioceses. We did not commit the problem. I saw a parishioner at our church this past week. I hope he was not dismantling our church seats. I would say we should have a meeting before anything else is done. We love our parish.
I pray to St. Ann’s every day and I think of a Coady priest who was wishing to come to Thorburn, plus I would provide room and board and I am sure he would help out in Pictou County area. So kindly let these priests come to Antigonish Diocese. Phone 1-902-922-2192.

Bill Dewtie
Thorburn, Pictou Co.

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