JUBILEE: New songs, fun time promised by Arkells

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New tunes are making their way to Glasgow Square this week when the Arkells hit the New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee Stage with singles from their new, yet to be released album, Morning Report.

The album is set to be released in August, not too long after the band makes their only Nova Scotia appearance at the New Glasgow event.

Lead singer Max Kerman shared that the band was hoping to get a chance to play on the East Coast during their tour this year as they have enjoyed the East Coast music scene for some time.

“There’s so many good bands on the East Coast,” Kerman said.

He mentioned that the band has a lot of fun each show with their festival sets, which are a bit different from their other shows as they can play a bigger variety of their music for the crowd. Kerman shared a bit about their new album and the influences that went into their sound.

“We’re always interested in different types of music. Musically, I think on this record we’re influenced by everything from electronic and hip hop…” Kerman said. He also mentioned that for him, when writing, a lot of the people who influence him are people who he is close with or people he meets.

“It’s great to write about whatever motivates you to pick up your pen,” he said.

For those who might not be familiar with the music of the Arkells, Kerman describes their style as “community rock”— a term he made up, meaning that everyone is welcome to the party and everyone is valued and respected. The band is excited to have fans listen to their new stuff.

“Each record we put out we force our listeners to readjust their ears a little bit,” Kerman said.

Every now and then, Kerman admits that he sort of has to pinch himself because he and his band are getting the chance to play their own music.

“I’m kind of constantly amused by the fact that that’s our job,” he laughed

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