JUBILEE: The Glorious Sons rolling into Jube with some raw rock and roll

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A raw sounding sort of rock is what brought The Glorious Sons together and now they’re bringing their sound back to the Maritimes. Singer Brett Emmons, once a Haligonian for some time, is excited to come back to what he calls a second home.

“We’ve had a lot of amazing shows in Halifax and out East,” he said. “Each time you see it go up another level.”

The band has had a whirlwind last few years and taken a quick path to where they’re at today in terms of popularity. Coming from Kingston, Ont., they are a true Canadian rock group that made their way from playing together as friends to winning the 2013 HTZ-FM Rocksearch and continuing with a number of top 10 hits.

“You could call us traditionalists; we like electric guitar and rock and roll,” Emmons said, explaining the band’s feel. “We like to go on stage and have fun and interact with the crowd and act like a bunch of banshees.”

Emmons promises an energetic show for the evening full of rock and roll with no backing track and minimal effects.

It could be said that the different interests of the band musically have come together to help influence their sound, although Emmons notes they don’t necessarily try to emulate anyone but themselves in their own music. From the range of their sound between songs such as ‘Mama,’ ‘Sometimes on a Sunday’ and ‘Heavy, it’s apparent that the band has their own unique blend.

He did admit that each of the band members, his brother Jay Emmons on lead guitar, Chris Huot on bass, Adam Paquette on drums and Andrew Young on guitar, are all fans of the
Arkells who are also playing at this year’s Jubilee. He mentioned that their album Jackson Square is quite possibly one of his favourite albums of all time. The band is excited to be able to meet up with them once again.

Emmons admits that their fame came faster than he could take in at the time. “It was all too fast for me to digest, honestly.” He did note one particular moment when he remembers thinking that he would love to be able to play music for the rest of his life.

After playing three New Year’s Eve parties, the next day and still a little tipsy, the band returned to the bar where their last gig was to collect their gear.

“We went back there and we were loading up our gear and we were kind of drunk from the
night before and we were pouring beer from the taps of the bar ‘cause nobody was in there. And we got kicked out and they got real mad at us. And we were just kind of riding high and laughing our asses off and we sat down for lunch after that and I just remember thinking to “myself, ‘You know, I could do this for the rest of my life,’” said Emmons.

“At one point I just snapped and realized this is what I want to do … we didn’t have an agent, we didn’t have a manager, we didn’t even know what a producer was until John Angus came on. So we were just drinking and playing music.”

The band has now made it from there, to drinking and playing music all over the country and actually having the opportunity to do so for a living.

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