Stripped bass rules are ambiguous


To the Editor:

Striped bass fishing is on on right now in Pictou County and very popular and the rules are comprehensive and yet very ambiguous. Fishermen are unsure what they mean exactly and there are different guidelines here than in the rest of Nova Scotia.

And there are lots of fishery officers out enforcing them wearing bullet proof vests and carrying side arms so fishermen want to be correct in their interpretation of the rules.

This is a sarcastic piece that fishermen and others will enjoy, I think:

New 2017 Striped Bass Fishing Guidelines*, Pictou Co.

Season: from August 1st to August 2nd , 2017 (from 8PM until dark)

Retention: one  fish only, between 50 and 52 CMApproved method: Anglers must use a

straight pin only with no barbs and no bait.

* Please note these rules apply only to sport fishermen – foreign trawlers are exempt!
Ron MacCarthy
Caribou Island

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