MOU waste of money


To the Editor:
Some of our councillors who started this MOU mess don’t give a crap about all the money they wasted at our expense. They are more than willing to try to sweep our hard earned money under the carpet with no regrets or regards to the wise people of this county. One councillor even stated: Put it to rest, it won’t happen for another 25-30 years.
This stinks worse than the farmer’s field, and we all know what that is covered with this time of the year.
Does not this very wise person realize what problems and costs he was part of? Right now we are all on the hook to pay for a small per cent of dreamers who thought they could sneak this MOU under the majority of our good people.
Some of us may not have lots of money or may not be considered to be the sharpest knives in the drawer, but as the vote went, we know what is right or wrong.
As for paying this bill with no questions, I don’t think so. It’s our money. There should be lots of questions and the people deserve answers. Whose pockets will our money fill? Did the no side come mooching for tax payers’ money? No. We won on the people’s hearts and good sense. We had donations from 50 cents and up – what our supporters   could afford.
We also had people that spent hours of their time to stop this communist movement. I only wish we could have had more of a chance to get together on this tax grab on Westville Road that our population could afford. I am still waiting for someone with a high-priced property and a good income to take this to the courts and challenge this drummed-up tax.
We have an election coming up very soon. There is probably nothing we can do about where or how our money was wasted but we do know who did it. Believe it or not, our voices do count. We can make a difference. Let’s keep the good and get rid of the bad.
Gary Heighton

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