Poképarty brings kids together

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Whether you’re a new comer, played the Game Boy games or collected and battled the cards, with the release of Pokémon Go most have heard a bit about the new smart phone and tablet game that seem to have taken some towns by storm.

Last Thursday, players of the game took over a space outside of the New Glasgow Regional Library as part of a library-hosted Pokémon Go party. The event included the library’s free wifi for those with tablets, snacks and even some Pokémon-themed music all next to the Viola Desmond memorial  which is a Pokéstop.

Lures, a special device in the game that virtually turns on a hot spot that attracts Pokémon, were set up continuously to draw more Pokémon to catch to the party.
“I’ve always liked the card game and I play the card game a lot,” said Andrew Stanley, 12 who attended the party. Stanley has been playing Pokémon Go for about a month and enjoys the chance to be interactive with his favourite fictional universe.

“It’s cool. I like going for walks and it makes it more fun with this,” he said. Stanley enjoys getting the chance to level up and pit his Pokémon against those in the virtual Pokémon gyms set up around town.

He noted that he had a lot of fun at the party and even stopped briefly while talking to help out a fellow player and catch a Tentacruel.

Stanley’s mother, Michelle  Willis, also attended the party with her son and talked a bit about the benefits of this game compared to others on stationary consoles.

“We’ve been very cautious about allowing him access to other video games,” she said. “This is the first one I’ve been positive with.”

Willis mentioned that the fact   the game gets kids moving is a positive aspect rather than having them sit on the couch all summer in front of a big screen.

“I guess it’s one way of combating the inevitable with technology,” Willis said.

Kids flip through some of the Pokémon cards available to look at during last week’s Pokémon Go party held at the New Glasgow Library.   (Brimicombe photo)

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