Church pew sale upsets parishioner


To Bishop Brian Dunn and to Father John Barry, Parish Priest at St. Peter’s Parish, Tracadie, Antigonish County:
I am amazed at you for selling our church pews. I am one that paid for the pews. How would you like it if we went to your parish and sold your church pews?
I would say it’s time you priests stop these things as we paid our dues for the (church’s) sexual problems.
I saw a parishioner at our church this week. I hope he is not dismantling our pews. I would say we should have a meeting before anything is done to our beautiful church.
Father Barry, you are very fortunate to have a beautiful church. I have a couple of lawyers looking into our church matters so keep out of Pictou County.
I have been to St. Peter’s Church and St. Augustine Monastery many times. Once again, kindly leave our church.
Bill Dewtie
Thorburn, Pictou Co.

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