Gov’t should adopt the Delivering Community Power proposal


To the Editor:
The Canadian government is in the midst of a public review of Canada Post. Therefore, now is the time for people to have their say about what they want in a postal service.
Under the current management of Canada Post, we’ve had too many years of increased prices with cuts in service. It’s time we tried something radically different, something that will actually serve all of us.
The first thing to recognize is that the post office is uniquely positioned to do more than deliver mail. The government should adopt the Delivering Community Power proposal put forward by the CUPW. Among other things, it calls for postal banking, services for seniors, and coast-to-coast charging stations for electric cars. This proposal is of amazing scope and breadth, but is quite doable. Canada Post is the largest retail and logistics network in the country, and as a Crown Corporation, we all own it. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief fueled by the current management, Canada Post is profitable, and has been for most of the past 20 years.
Instead of continuing to provide profits for Canada’s big banks ($35 billion last year) while they cut jobs and raise service fees ever higher, this proposal would bring bank branches to many communities across Canada. Postal banks are an affordable, local solution that also invests in our communities, especially throughout rural Canada. Note also that dozens of countries around the world, including New Zealand, France and Italy, have successful postal banking services.
Interested readers can learn more at DeliveringCom-munityPower.ca.
Brian Gaulke

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