Do the Trump tactics really work?


To the Editor:

‘The Donald’ has a facet of the American public who support his egomaniacal rantings, racial slurs and personal insults.

Many members of his own Republican Party candidates are struggling to find a way to survive the ticket, by disassociating themselves from the name at the top.  It’s a delicate balancing act, and who knows how that will end?

Some senior members of his own party have publicly disavowed him.
But another segment of the party (candidates who ran against him in the presidential primaries) have been victimized by his personal slurs and attacks, and in the end they have stood up and publicly endorsed him.

They have sold themselves out, hoping for a piece of the pie.

Hopefully, the rest of America will be shaken by the potential damage this school yard bully could do to cross-border relationships as well as internationally – not to mention inside his own country’s borders.

I have faith that the majority of Americans who have the capacity to actually think for themselves, will get out to vote.  Even if they abstain from the top of the ticket, at least they can tick off candidates on the list who will represent their American values, and not the rantings of a dictating demagogue.

Fear mongering, bullying and threatening potential candidates or constituents are all despicable acts.   If we give in to such tactics, (even on the local level) then we are embracing a form of dictatorship and undermining the values associated with the democratic process… We all know how Hitler got into power.

Don’t allow anybody to bully you out of your right to run for office, or your freedom to choose your candidate.

Carolyn Duncan

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