Sign colours connected to no vote in May MOU plebiscite


To the Editor:

I would like to comment on some people who are using the Amalgamation No Thank You Sign colours. The bright yellow that was used by the No group has been showing up with the candidates thinking that they are going to be head turners.

I think the time for the head turning is over; the bright yellow colours, displaying the NO voting on amalgamation served their purpose.

I cannot fathom why they would want to use the colours; they were dead set against the organization that managed to provide the public with information that was needed for their  decision-making on the process.  The No Thank You group worked tirelessly on the campaign with low cost, and a very small budget, donations and private funding that were available. Not with a budget of around three quarters of a million dollars which, still there has been no transparency of where all that money went.

I would think the public would like to see an itemized list for every last penny spent, even though we do not use this coin anymore.

I truly hope the candidates that are using the colours on their signs are not telling the public that they were not in favour of the amalgamation, when we know some were for it all the way. They made it known that the amalgamation, if it did happen, would bring much needed funding for projects in their area, but after all is said and done it would not make a difference anyway.

Funding came from the government for the sewer project that Andy Thompson worked for, after the NO vote for amalgamation.
Pictou obtained money after the No vote for amalgamation came.
There are two businesses setting up shop, yes, again after the No amalgamation vote came in.

So what happened to those who were pushing for this amalgamation? Some are giving up their seats as mayors and council, is their work done now?

The public display of all the tactics and money spending is over, so they feel they cannot do anything for their towns and municipal units anymore. I think all the work they did and all the money they spent should be held accountable, by putting a piece in the papers. Every cent should be under scrutiny at this point.

I certainly hope that all the new mayors and councillors who are voted in can obtain the documents that show where the tax payers’ money went. Who was paid for the services they provided and how much. How much are the towns and citizens out when it comes to the push for amalgamation, which was a food that we certainly did not want served on our plates.

So in closing, I certainly hope that all the candidates are out there showing their true colours, and are not sugar coating things for votes.

Do not underestimate the public who you may think have no thought of what you were up to before this election began. The paper showed many articles of those who pushed for amalgamation, and then turned around and forgot what they were fighting for after the vote was a Big NO.

I know of some candidates who are using the No colours, yet they were a big Yes. Could they not think of their own strategy for sign colours rather than use the one that beat them at their own game?

Patty Lloyd

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