Lots for new town council to look into


To the Editor:

On Nov. 1, the new counsel for New Glasgow was sworn in under the leadership of Mayor Nancy Dicks and I wish them good luck in carrying out the town business. But, and that is a big word, there are a good number of items to deal with. And I will try to name a few.

Traffic control being one of them, with drivers using cell phones and drinking coffee and speeding, not stopping at red lights and passing on Westville Road, Lorne Street, Marsh Street and the lists go on. Also, the heavy trucks using Lorne Street in early morning and late at night.

And then there is the parking in downtown New Glasgow. With 14 spaces lost due to the bump out being put in it has cut down the parking in the downtown area and it makes it hard on the business people because of this.  And the 10 spaces in the Glasgow Square lot make no difference to those who have a disability and who cannot walk that far.
As to the garbage along our streets, is it left up to the home owner to clean it up or do we not have a work department that is supposed to keep our streets clean?

And then there is the matter of the pension system that was to be done away with a few years back, but now I understand that it is still being used under the grandfather clause. If that be the case, it needs to be looked into and cleared up once and for all.

So we, as the tax payer, are the ones paying the bills and if we were to stop paying just what do you think would happen? So I say to this new council: Bring things out in the open from behind closed doors for you are responsible to us.

And oh yes, one other thing: the Wellness Centre, or whatever you want to call it, has been a red herring from day one. So the time has come to take a good look at it. For the tax dollars we put into it is far too much.

And just to let you know a lot of folks that went to the John Brother MacDonald rink and the YMCA no longer go to the Wellness Centre for it is too far to walk and with no bus service and no sidewalks, I cannot blame them.

So I say to you the new council: You have your work cut out for you and that is only a few things. For there is also the overgrown weeds and shrubs on Lorne Street being part of Lorne Street Cemetery.

Loyd Murray
New Glasgow

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