Silver star


NEW GLASGOW – A local student and past cadet has received a silver certificate of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

Christopher Menezes, 16, was presented with the award by Brig. Gen. (Ret’d) and Lt. Gov. J.J. Grant and his wife Joan Grant during a recent ceremony in Halifax.

Menezes learned about the award during his work at the Nova Scotia International Tattoo.

“I feel good about getting it,” he said. “It’s worth all the hard work I did toward it.”

This is the 60th year for the youth awards which Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, founded in the United Kingdom in 1956. The award has since spread to nearly 150 countries. It recognizes four objectives – volunteering, physical activity, practical and social skills and interests and an adventuresome journey or expedition.

The skill component provided an easy option for Menezes, playing the bagpipes.
Menezes was previously a member of the 374 F/L Chisholm Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron. He is also a bag piper and Grade 11 student at North Nova Education Centre and has recently been accepted into the reserves with the Nova Scotia Highlanders in Pictou.

“Christopher started with the Bronze program, when he was just learning the pipes,” squadron leader Crystal Mann said. “He has excelled to the point he’s played at Halifax’s Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo for two summers and started teaching the pipes as well.”

Menezes has been made aware the irony of commonality in that Lt.-Gov. Grant was also a piper and was a Nova Scotian Highlander (North, 2nd Battalion, and Cape Breton). Grant’s pipes have been among items displayed on a wall at the armories in New Glasgow.

Christopher Menezes holds his bagpipes.       (Goodwin photo)

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