Trumping the Trump


To the Editor:

For all those shaken in your boots about Donald Trump being the next president of the United States and how he proposes to cancel these so called “trade deals” such as NAFTA and are worried how it will affect us economically here in Canada, there is one thing you should take into consideration that I believe trumps the Trump: this is carbon tax.

Yes, whatever happens with the negotiations with the Americans will pale in comparison to this carbon tax being shoved down our throat by our new dear leader, Trudeau.

People have yet to explain how paying a carbon and cap and trade tax will save the world; it might help a chosen few become rich. Some call carbon tax a tax on everything and it sure is. Maybe, just maybe, the price of our goods produced here will become so expensive we will not be able to afford them ourselves and most of our industry will either close down or move out of the country.

Think this sounds crazy? Just ask our Aussie cousins ‘down under’ what happened when they installed a carbon tax. It almost ruined their economy and did nothing to save the planet. It was not long before they voted out their unfit government and the carbon tax with it.

Now our United Nations globalist puppet Trudeau  is forcing carbon tax on us. Real scientists call carbon the gas of life. Even if you believe carbon causes  man-made global worming – oops, debunked, I mean global warming – oops debunk, what I really meant was climate change, yes every one knows the climate changes all the time, before and after man, ya this will work. Even if you believe this, Canada contributes less than one percent of the world’s carbon.

Being that China and India make up the largest populated countries on the planet and do most of the polluting and are NOT involved in this carbon tax scam, do you honestly believe forcing us to pay a carbon tax is going to make a difference?

Is it not strange how the western countries have to pay a carbon tax and the likes of China and India do not?

Could this be a transfer of wealth from the west to the east while allowing the multinational corporations to make record profits in the transition?

So in the spirt of Christmas, the globalist Grinch cometh and he is looking for the last crumbs of spendable income in our little mouses wallets. But he is not here to steal our Christmas trees, he is here to steal our future.

Andrew Fraser
Pictou Landing

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