Slow down, obey rules of the road


To the Editor:

Well it sure looks like winter is here, with the snow and ice and the freezing temperature at -20 or more. It looks like we are in for a long cold winter.

And with shoppers out and about looking for all the good buys if there are any, parking lots at the malls are full and over flowing and drivers all think that they are on a race track the way that they are driving.

So that brings me to my Christmas wish list. The street that I live on looks like a speedway and at times with more traffic than there is on the TransCanada or the 104. The street is being used as a throughway in and out of the Town of New Glasgow.

So my wish for Christmas is two more stop signs for the one that was installed not that long ago is of no help for drivers are not paying any mind to it. So two more may help with some speed bumps along the way.

Now why do I say this? Today I was having my driveway plowed. The plow truck driver had his roof lights on and flashing. But drivers paid no attention to them whatsoever and just went speeding by as if there was no plow truck at all with flashing lights. And the tailgating that is on our streets and highways is just something else again, just far too many.

So my Christmas wish is for drivers to slow down and obey the rules of the road and drive in a safe manner and be aware of other drivers that are on our streets and highways.

Loyd Murray
New Glasgow

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