Crime Stoppers marks 30 years in province


To the Editor:
On behalf of Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers, I would like to remind everyone that January is
Crime Stoppers Month and 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of Crime Stoppers in Nova Scotia.
It is an opportunity for the various Crime Stoppers programs around the world to focus attention on the continuing efforts to combat crime and keep our streets safe.
Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers could not have achieved the success that we have since our formation here in 1987 without the dedicated support of our local police agencies, members of the community who have contributed financially or provided tips about unsolved crime and the media which have publicized our activities and highlighted unsolved crime on an ongoing basis.
Crime Stoppers Month has been celebrated annually since being officially proclaimed in 1986 during the Crime Stoppers International training conference held that year in Edmonton and through the years has been acknowledged by heads of state including Queen Elizabeth, several Canadian prime ministers and presidents of the United States, numerous state governors and provincial premiers as well as leaders of law enforcement organizations including the RCMP and our local police partners.
I would like to thank everyone who has given support to Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers through the years and pledge that our volunteer board of directors and all of our volunteers
throughout this province will continue working diligently to ensure our Crime Stoppers program has the resources to operate effectively to resolve and reduce crime in our community.

John O’Reilly, president
Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers

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