No fan of Trump


To the Editor:

The newly sworn-in president of the United States thinks of himself as The Messiah… he actually believes he is capable of single-handedly saving and restoring the entire country. He does believe that folks!

Meanwhile (with an agenda crammed with false promises), his very first public priority as president is to cry “fake news” regarding inauguration crowds. His administration ordered the suppression of such photos, so as to keep his illusion of grandeur intact. (Remind you of somebody named Hitler?)


Hundreds of thousands of woman in American cities (and in 75 countries as well) are quietly protesting Trump’s agenda. But rather than allay their fears and assure them he will listen to their concerns and work together with them, he shows contempt for them.

Wow… his denigration of humankind, perpetual lies, objectification of woman, authoritarian tactics, submissiveness to flattery and his continual self-aggrandizement, contentious meddling in the affairs of other countries — are all indicators that this guy is just a door-to-door con artist whose character is not only severely flawed, but very dangerous. He is not a deep thinker.

You must find a way, America! Find a way to impeach this guy. He is an unstable, self-consumed, disgusting egomaniac who must be stopped. Canadians should be worried about our neighbours south of the border; sooner or later, effects of American policies all
ripple north.

I really suspect that somebody in the Party is waiting for an opportunity to seize it all away. Somebody who will step up to the helm, exercise some diplomacy and try to heal the domestic divide he continues to exacerbate. Trump doesn’t have a clue!

God help America!

Carolyn Duncan


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