Show some respect for people with disabilities


To the Editor:

Within the past several weeks it was in the news about a senior lady in Halifax who has a disability. Every time she left her home to go out to do some shopping and had to cross the street at a crosswalk where there is a traffic light, there was a problem for she walks slow and the walk sign does not give her time to get across the street safely. She gets hollered at and horns blowing and sworn at. I am not sure what the timing is on the walk sign but everyone has the right to cross a street without being hollered at or cussed at.

Going by the walk signs here in New Glasgow, one barely has enough time to walk across safely. So just how are the lights times?

I, too, have a disability and find it very hard to cross at a light when the walk sign is on. But I also find that most people have no regard for anyone with a disability for I have had shopping carts pushed in front of me as well doors closed in front of me. And I have also seen people having no respect for people in wheelchairs walking in front of them with their shopping carts and pushing in front of them in a checkout line.

Now, I will say that all of us with disabilities did not ask for them, but we do have them. So it is time that we are shown some respect and not pushed side like a piece of garbage. So
the next time you see a person with a disability, please step aside or give them a helping hand for you may well be one of us some day. So just think about it.

Loyd Murray
New Glasgow

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