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To the Editor:

It appears the teacher’s work to rule is over; well, at least until they study their new contract offer. It will be interesting to see what their union, the NSTU, is recommending they accept this, the third time. The first offer the NSTU recommended they accept was rejected 90 per cent by the teachers. Now there’s a union executive in touch with its membership!

Trump talks about draining the swamp in Washington, DC; maybe the teachers should take a hard look at the crowd occupying that lovely NSTU building down on Joseph Howe Drive. Not that it must be easy dealing with Premier (“I never made a mistake in my life”) McNeil. But that’s a whole other swamp, oops, I meant issue, to be addressed.

Some of this stuff is over my head, like why do teachers pay big union dues to get advice they reject at 90 per cent?

I just had a brilliant idea! I could give the teachers bad advice for say five per cent of what they are paying now in union dues. I would even go so far as to guarantee a 90 per cent rejection rate on my advice. Those are lofty goals I realize, but I am up to it. They could save a fortune!

Ron MacCarthy
Caribou Island

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