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Third grader writes premier about losing out at school

RIVER JOHN — Lexus Corbett Binns is not your typical third grader.

While she loves to do tae kwon do, play in the snow in the winter and swim at the beach in the summer like other kids her age, she is incredibly inquisitive by nature and has a voracious appetite for reading. The Swindle series by Gordon Korman is her absolutely favourite and she can’t wait to read E.B. White’s beloved Charlotte’s Web, ever since she saw the movie. Like other kids her age, she has pets – a tank full of fish – but what she really wants is a dog. That’s a story for another day.

The Scotsburn Elementary School student is wise beyond her years and already has a plan for her life. That includes finishing school, graduating from university and completing law school to become a lawyer – and eventually a judge.

That plan does not include missing out on some of the things she loves about school. That’s what has been happening since the impasse between the Nova Scotia Teachers Union and the provincial government. The teachers’ work-to-rule move has meant Lexus and her classmates – and all students – are missing

“I want all of the fun activities back, and to have the teachers come to school earlier and plan stuff and help us in school,” the beguiling, doe-eyed Lexus said.
Her siblings are also suffering. Her sister Kiara is in Grade 6 at West Pictou Consolidated School and her oldest sister, Heaven Leigh, will graduate in June from Northumberland Regional High School. All three are affected by the work to rule. “I’m missing circuit in the gym and choir and music at lunch time – music is my favourite subject…” she said, listing
off on her fingers all of the activities she and her classmates no longer get to do.

“I also like reading and writing and math…” In fact, there’s not a subject the precocious eight-year-old does not enjoy. That’s why Lexus decided to do all that was in her power to
try to make a difference: she wrote a letter to Premier Stephen McNeil and took it to school to show her teacher.

“I think what you are doing is wrong for the teacher and students,” she wrote. “All students would like to have all the fun activities back in the right spot… Please put things back in the
right set.”
She ended her letter by saying, “I feel very unhappy because of you. I would feel happy if you and your friends quit work to rule. Everybody would be happy. We are your future voter.”

Lexus’ mother, Tanya Moser, and stepfather, Pat Francis-Binns, are proud of her actions. Whether the letter actually gets to the premier or not, they know their daughter did what she could to make a difference.
At the end of the day, Lexus said all she wants is “school to be back to normal.”
Watch a video of Lexus reading her letter at www.pictouadvocate.com.

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