Thankful for investment in Frank H. school


To the Editor:

The residents of rural East Pictou (recently) received an investment in their community. The provincial government awarded funding to renovations and additions to Frank H. MacDonald in Sutherland’s River. This is a time to say thank you and give credit where credit is due.

Make no mistake, this is a generational investment for East Pictou. A tip of the hat to our provincial government for selecting this project. We are competing with other communities looking for infrastructure investment from Cape North to Yarmouth. It is time for Pictou County to show some gratitude.

Let’s say thank you to our local school board members over the past five years who pushed this project as the top priority for capital investment.

Thank you to the School Advisory Board members who successfully argued to keep the children in their school community. This group seized the moment and worked for months to put a viable option in place for the school board to reconsider. And over the past number of years we have to say thank you to the parents and teachers who continue to keep this school community strong and vibrant.

To the East Pictou Education Foundation, thank you for your time, commitment and passion in ensuring the school community is supported through your lobby efforts and scholarship
support. Our children are our future and your support reinforces this. Thank you.

Thank you to our municipal council who were early supporters of this capital investment. To fellow council members Debi Wadden and Sally Fraser, thank you for your support on this issue. I was proud to lobby the Minister of Education in Halifax with Debi and Sally shortly after the school board made their decision to expand the Frank H. facility.

And to our local MLA, Mr. Tim Houston, thank you for your focus and persistence. Your arguments, and the arguments of the greater community, kept the issue in public view.

This is positive news for our communities. This is a time to be thankful and leave the complaints for another day.

Andy Thompson
Councillor, District 11
Municipality of Pictou County


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