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Despite the heavy snowfall on Monday and Tuesday, everything seems to have run smoothly in Pictou County, with no reports of accidents, motor vehicle or otherwise being reported.

Const. Ken Macdonald of the New Glasgow Regional Police noted that although they had not heard of any accidents, there had been patrols out making their way around the town to ensure there were no cars parked on the road, to prevent an accident from happening.


“We’re putting out caution that the snow drifts are causing blind spots,” he said Tuesday, warning those who were out walking and motorists to be aware and go slow because of the reduced visibility.

“It’s been pretty quiet,” said John Davidson of Regional Emergency Measures Organization (REMO.) Although he had heard of a few snow plows and the occasional plow truck needing a tow, he mentioned there hasn’t been anything out of the ordinary happen due to the weather.

“I’m just happy that there’s been o major incidents,” said Davidson. “I think we can praise everybody for being safe.”

Chase Kirkendall loads up his snowblower after clearing out a friend’s driveway on the West Side in New Glasgow on Tuesday. (Goodwin photo)

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