Work and More Work by Linda Little

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A newly released children’s book by River John author, this tale takes the main character around the world determined to discover what everyone else does to pass their day. Growing up with two hard working parents, Tom helps out a lot but dreams of something more.

Tom’s adventures take him around the world, exploring different modes of transportation and jobs in various countries and continues to help along the way.

This is a great example of exploration to prove your parents right and that life isn’t always greener on the other side. Overall, I enjoyed reading this story to my five-year-old son as I saw him connect with Tom and his desperation for something besides working. I was, however, hoping for a silver lining with respect to life being about enjoyment and not slave driven.

Besides the description of the jobs and methods of getting to each new place, I would have liked to learn a bit more of the workers themselves. Some seemed to enjoy the work and take great pride in it while others were working because a job needed to be done.

Each historical job was explained in more detail in the closing of the book which certainly adds to the educational value of it and I did love how it proved Mom and Dad right.

Work and More Work is definitely a book I’d recommend as a starting block for teaching history and opening the discussion up to working for pay and following your dreams.

The illustrations were perfect for the storyline as they added a lot of character to Tom’s story.

Overall I give this book 8 out of 10 hearts.

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