Book launch at McCulloch House

The Yellow Gold is Black is one man’s story and personal sacrifice juggling a career out West and family back East, during what could be considered the largest outmigration of people from the Maritime Provinces since World War II.

The McCulloch House Museum & Genealogy Centre is hosting the book launch of “The Yellow Gold is Black”, written by A. Doreen MacLeod.  It is a story that is sure to resonate with those who headed west for all the familiar reasons.

Doreen MacLeod is a visual artist and began writing after retirement. Her paintings and photographs appear inside both This Place Called Sylvester and The Yellow Gold is Black.

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Open to the public, everyone is welcome to on February 26 at 2 p.m. for an entertaining afternoon, light refreshments will be served.  There will be a book- signing after the event.  For more information please contact McCulloch House (902)485-4563 or