Resolution for education issues


To the Editor:

After listening to both the McNeil government and the teacher’s union trying to hash out an agreement to move forward I have a suggestion that could help put things in focus.

Premier McNeil should send a dozen or so of his staff to schools in the various districts. Have them attend class as a perceived substitute teacher to see first hand what the issues are. Don’t come with media cameras, just the individuals themselves.

By doing this it would solidify the fact that teachers are not being unreasonable with their claims of poor working conditions. In turn, the government can respond by supporting the teachers to resolve many of the issues such as unrealistic directives from school boards and un-safe work environments.

To me it would be a very effective and inexpensive way to get a crystal-clear view of the main concern that repeatedly comes up, safety!

If there is one thing government has been trying to shove down industry’s throat it is workplace safety!

Are teachers not considered equals in regards to their importance to their community?

As an employer of 50-plus staff, it is of grave concern to me that the education system has gotten so far off track that no student can fail. Not reality and not good!

The government has nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this simple but extremely effective approach.

Andy MacGregor
MacLellans Brook

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