Lochead eyes Daytona 500

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PICTOU – Good fortune and great kindness has favoured two members of the Lochead family.

Dave Lochead and his daughter, Ashley Richardson, prepared Thursday to fly to Florida for what for them is a trip of a lifetime – a weekend highlighted by the famed Daytona 500 stock car race on Sunday.

“I can’t wait – it’s pretty exciting stuff,” Dave Lochead said. “It’s going to be a full weekend.”


Lochead and Richardson,were scheduled to arrive in Florida today and attend one event associated with the racing weekend tonight. They also arranged to see a pre-season baseball game featuring the Toronto Blue Jays and the Atlanta Braves on Saturday.

They got the tickets for the two racing events from Kent Corbett after he placed them for sale on Facebook.

Corbett won the tickets while listening to an online radio program on stock car racing that he frequently accesses. He also won two tickets for different events at Daytona last year, but they were four days apart instead of two and he let them go.

Both times, Corbett was trying to secure a passport for the trip to the U.S. He passed up on it last year due to the time separation. This year he couldn’t secure a passport at a time to match a flight he tried to book.

“I couldn’t use the tickets and I couldn’t get a passport due to the bad weather we were having, so I put it out on Facebook,” he said. “Dave contacted me and had someone ready to go with him.”

Lochead has been to major stock car race events in Loudon, N.H. and Bristol, Tenn., but never Daytona. He was not surprised Corbett provided him the opportunity. They frequently meet at Hector Arena where Lochead officiates at hockey games and Corbett announces and times them.

“Every time I go to the rink, Kent’s there and all he wants to do is talk racing,” he said.

Richardson lives in Halifax and stock car racing is among the sports she enjoys watching.

“Every summer, we faithfully go to the IWK 250 at Riverside,” he said. “She’s a real sports fan and thrilled to be going.”


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