Ban smoking in Housing Authority buildings


To the Editor:

I have a daughter who has a disability who has lived in Pictou for more than 20 years. She also has a lot of allergies. She was trying to get in at Strathcona Place where the apartments are self-contained with two outside doors where there would be no odors from smoke, cleaning products and air fresheners.

She was told by the Housing Authority that she could have an apartment for November, but the landlord where she was living told her she had to pay Novembers rent there as she did not give 30 day’s notice. Meanwhile as she started to pack and downsize (housing said they would hold her an apartment for December) she took a stroke, her second in six years. When my daughter went to pick up the key in late November she found out it was for Coleraine Plaza where there is a lot of smokers and carpeting. They took the carpeting out of her apartment but she has fallen twice in the last week on the carpeting in the hall. She has cerebral palsy and wears a brace on her leg with a strap attached to the toe for her sneaker to hold her toes up.

There are seniors living in that building with breathing problems and other health issues. I’ve seen several leave in ambulances. Smokers should not be allowed in buildings with seniors and people with disabilities. They have enough problems without smoke wafting up and down the halls and into their apartments.

Alice Sutherland
River John

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