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Stemming from a love of makeup and helping others feel empowered, a big idea was born with the name of a small road.

Foxbrook Lipstick, a line inspired by the sentiment that big things can come from small places, is making a name for itself in Pictou County and beyond by using cosmetics to make women feel better about themselves and more comfortable in their own skin.

Catherine Millen started Foxbrook Lipstick in 2016 and the company has been gaining attraction since then.


“I always loved cosmetics, lipstick has always been my favourite,” she said. “Lipstick is a statement piece.”

Having worked in cosmetics before she began her own line, Millen was familiar with the industry. With the product itself being made at a cosmetics company in Ontario, Millen has built the company from the ground up, taking care of the marketing and website as well as the logo and packaging designs all herself. For those interested in seeing the products, go to Plush Esthetics in New Glasgow or check it out online at www.fblipstick.com.

“I taught myself as I went,” Millen said. She noted that as she had started the company just six months after her son was born, time management was a challenge, but she is still managing to continue strong.

“I always wanted the idea to be something empowering,” said Millen. “That’s when I decided to name the lipsticks after the girls.”

Each shade of Foxbrook Lipstick has been specifically designed by one of Millen’s “Foxes” or women who have inspired and help create the shade. Each woman that inspired a shade also becomes the model for that shade on the company’s website as well as having a short bio about themselves or being featured on the Foxes page.

Not only does the company have tubes of lipsticks but there are also a few shades of liquid lipstick as well as one lip glaze in a soft peach. Each colour usually takes about one or two months to create from concept, but times vary depending on the woman helping to create the shade and how specific they are about the colour they want.

Millen expressed that one of the things she loves about running the business is receiving feedback from customers, some who mention they are proud to rock a shade of lipstick from their home town.

“I grew up loving this stuff. I guess never really grew out of the dress up stage,” she laughed. “Not only was I just doing makeup, I was giving someone their confidence back.”


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