Report necessary road repairs to MLA


To the Editor:

I received a phone call this week from Karla MacFarlane, our provincial MLA who represents the Pictou West riding. I had asked in a recent letter to the paper if the bad Lodge Road condition is a provincial or a municipal responsibility and Karla confirmed it is a provincial matter.

Karla further advised that in response to my letter, she had contacted the provincial road repair authority and a work order (Reference # F122842) has been made out to get that road repaired.

I’d like to publicly commend Karla for her prompt acceptance of responsibility and quick action to put corrective measures in place.

Apparently, neither Karla nor the provincial road repair people were aware of this problem on Lodge Road. With perhaps as many as 600 county roads, it’s very difficult to keep aware of the conditions of all and the folks who live on or use the roads are rarely aware of what to do when they come upon a serious disrepair. Karla and I discussed this problem.

Of course it’s late winter/early spring time of year in Nova Scotia and we all expect to come on and live with some road potholes but Karla’s advice is to call and report it to her if you have a Pictou West road section in a much greater than average state of disrepair. She will make sure it is properly reported and dealt with. I appreciated that advice and am happy to pass it on.

Ralph Ferguson


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