Tired of being gouged by Internet providers


To the Editor:

Just read Scott Adamson’s letter regarding the tax dollars given to Internet providers; he is absolutely correct — no one should relish the idea of corporate welfare.

There is too much abuse, lack of oversight, lack of results — it just doesn’t work.

Ok , maybe an MP or two will get to go on their board as a shadow director, in a few years time, when they retire (after only a few years). Don’t laugh, it has happened already! Anyway, I digress about the elite that run our country into the dirt.

These Internet providers have no incentive to improve services beyond what they are, for my service has a max download speed of 10 mbps (never seen that achieved yet) and has a Data Cap of 100 GB. For this miserly service I get charged $115 per month. Each year they say they are continually improving — but the only “improvement ” I’ve seen is my bill go up.

There is no real competition in my location as I have tried the others and their service “dropped out” 40 times a day, couldn’t even sustain five minutes connection! One company never even bothered calling me back to set up the service — they didn’t even want the custom …. maybe our tax dollars are sufficient to keep them in business. Just like the old joke, “a hospital runs better without any patients.”

I’m sick of getting gouged — but I’m only a tax payer and have few rights other than to be allowed to work and pay my tax. Who in government will listen to the small fish when there are so many big fish cruising the pond?

Mark Shepherd

Lochaber, Antigonish Co

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