Moved to create cross

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WATERSIDE – Easter and a key moment in time have struck Billy Swanton at the right time.

A religious man who resides in Waterside, Swanton felt inspired to build a cross and locate it on Wednesday near a dish for his Internet and phone that was placed on a post the previous day.

“It can happen in a lot of ways but I believe that by reading a lot of the Bible like I do, things come accidentally,” he said.

It all happened as he was returning home from a series of errands. He had just crossed the new bridge that now spans the Caribou River, saw how the sun was making the flowers look extra radiant and came on the idea of the cross.

“I didn’t expect the flowers and the sun shining on it,” he said.

He said the dish was already on its post in the same location because the technician who installed it was certain the location near the front of the property was best for the post to set it on.

Bill Swanton stands beside the cross he erected on Wednesday beside some recently flowering crocuses at his home in Waterside. (Goodwin photo)

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