Hafey receives boxing honour


TRENTON — Art Hafey says he’s surprised and pleased to be receiving an award.

Hafey was presented with the award in absentia last Saturday in Miramichi, N.B. by the Moncton-based National Boxing Authority with The Uncrowned World Championship belt for his boxing career and the opportunities he was denied to fight for the world featherweight title.

Dan Doiron notified Hafey of the award on behalf of Boxing Authority prior to the event.

For a time, Hafey was the top-ranked featherweight boxer in the world.

“It was very kind to acknowledge me in this way,” he said, while expressing surprise at the gesture. “I’m from Nova Scotia and they’re acknowledging me in New Brunswick.”

Hafey is recovering from a heart attack he suffered last winter and felt he was not well enough to travel to receive the award in person. It is being brought to him sometime this week.

“I would have been very pleased to attend but it’s a long drive and I’m not in the greatest shape,” he said.

Hafey praised Dan Doiron’s father, Gerry Doiron, for perpetuating the contributions to boxing that he made to the sport before him.

“Gerry Doiron was very instrumental to (advancing) the sport of boxing,” Hafey said.

Dan Doiron was scheduled to deliver the award to Hafey this week.

Hafey’s overall record shows he won 53 bouts, lost eight and had four draws. He scored 36 knockouts and was knocked out twice.

Hafey lost three of the eight bouts he had in 1974. One of his most memorable bouts was his loss by split-decision to Ruben Olivares early that year.

Art Hafey stands beside some of his awards and holds an autographed softball given to him by the Trenton Scotias after his return to Pictou County in 1976. (Goodwin photo)

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