Traffic and deer population dangerous mix


To the Editor:

Speed, stop signs, deer and garbage seem to me to be a big thing here in New Glasgow. Just to tell you of why I say that is this morning several cars and trucks went down Lorne Street, all at a high rate of speed, as well as a school bus. And this goes on at all hours of the day and night.

And stop signs mean stop, not just slow down.


While out doing some errands I watched and saw several cars not stop at stop signs. So just how do we stop this or control it, for someone is going to get hurt. I guess we will just have to be content with it until the police get it under control.

And then there is the coffee cups and litter starting all over again just after the town works department did a cleanup, and a very good one, on Lorne Street.

And then we have the deer eating everything in everyone’s gardens. What do we do about them or with them? We have used Bob X, it’s good for a little while. And I also find an air horn helps. But the worst time is at night when everyone is resting or sleeping. I guess it is time for the DNR to do a cull on them in the town for there are more here than in the forest. And that’s the way I see it folks.

Loyd Murray
New Glasgow


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