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To the Editor:

We need more people working here in Pictou East and across this province.  When our friends and neighbours are working, we all do better.

So what is holding our economy back?  Well, for starters: high taxes, power rates and red tape.

You have probably experienced red tape yourself.  Ever try to get a simple answer from the government only to get the run around and hurdles to jump over? A prime example of this is the over complicated process of starting a new business in our province. In Alberta, a company name can be registered in as little as a day, while here in Nova Scotia it can take months. Why does government keep making it harder for a new business to open? We should be encouraging growth, not hindering it.

Small businesses are the backbone of our community, our main streets and our economy. A PC government would allow all businesses, especially small businesses, the opportunity to earn their way to a lower tax rate when they add employees to their payroll through our Earned Rate Reduction program. Hire people, earn a lower tax rate. I am proud to say that this is a Pictou County born and bred idea.

Plus, we would fight against Ottawa’s insistence that Nova Scotia initiate a carbon tax.

These are the types of common sense goals that I favour. Nova Scotians are tired of governments not taking responsibility for slow growth. Many governments have had a hand in the problems but that is yesterday.  Let’s talk about tomorrow.  For tomorrow to be successful we need solutions that create jobs, keeps jobs, and grows our local economies – that is my focus.

Tim Houston
PC Candidate for Pictou East


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