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To the Editor:

A young man asked me last week what values I represent as a Liberal. I answered that I stand for the traditional liberal values of individual self-determination, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, free markets and the rule of law.

“But aren’t those Canadian values?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said. “And those were the values our society was founded on.”

From the days of the founding, our forefathers have rallied around the old motto: ‘Peace, Order and Good Government.’

These values have served us well for the past 150 years, and as Canada celebrates that milestone, we find ourselves amongst the greatest nations in the world.

During my five years as a reporter on Parliament Hill, I met many passionate politicians who were in it for all the right reasons. Today, I am proud to join their ranks, full of hope and optimism about what the political process can achieve.

I stand as a candidate in the 2017 elections because I will not sit by as my beloved home province fades into the background. For over 150 years, Pictou County has been an economic leader for Canada, and we need to bring industry back for the next generation.

Between 1867 and 2013, a representative from Pictou County always had a seat in government. It is time for us to return to that decision-making table. My intention is to fearlessly represent the interests of our community in government, and stay loyal to the Davis family words: “Wisely if sincerely.”

Having been raised and educated in this community, I feel a strong duty to help secure a prosperous future for the next generation, and for our elders, to whom we owe all our current success.

Pictou County deserves a voice at the table, and our Member of Parliament, Sean Fraser, could use a local partner. With your support, I will fulfill that role.

Jeff Davis
Liberal Candidate
Pictou Centre



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