Miss Miles event big hit


NEW GLASGOW — Seven hundred and fifty women — some mothers, but all daughters — took part in this year’s Miss Miles Mother’s Day 5-K Classic.

According to race director Terry Curley, the event was sold out for more than a month.

“It’s pretty popular,” he said. “This is the fourth year for it and every year we’ve sold out.”

There is no age limit in place for the run. People as young as four took part and it’s not uncommon to see a few mothers pushing a stroller as they run or walk the George Street Bridge, Abercrombie Road, Terrace Street circuit. The event is not timed and non-competitive.

“I think our oldest is over 80,” Curley said. “It’s generational. We get grandmothers, and mothers and daughters and granddaughters. A lot of people are either running with their mom or for their mom in memory of them.”

Mother and daughter Tabitha and Abby Coleman were among returning participants.

“This is our third Miss Miles together. It’s a special day with Abby on Mother’s Day,” Coleman explained.

Tabitha runs a fair bit in the summer, while Abby — a young soccer player — often runs in the evenings.

“It’s a run, it’s a walk. It’s very forgiving,” she said.

This year she was able to rope in her summer running partner, Cindy McGuire, who travelled from Amherst to take part.

“Tabby and I run together all the time in the summer time at the cottage. They asked and I agreed,” said McGuire.

Sarah Wood, a first-time Miss Miles runner, was running for her children and said she was inspired to run by her friend Tracey Austin. She chose not to indulge in a friendly competition.

“No,” Wood said, “not against her, because she’ll outrun me if I tell her we’re competing.”

Miss Miles participants pass the start at Glasgow Square. (Cameron photo)

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