Free event on Alzheimers and dementias

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Local residents may be interested in attending a free event in Truro on June 1, aimed at family and friends of those living with Alzheimer’s or other dementia.

As one of America’s leading educators on dementia, Teepa Snow’s philosophy is reflective of her education, work experience, available medical research and first-hand caregiving interactions. Working as a registered occupational therapist for more than 30 years, her wealth of experience has led her to develop Positive Approach® to Care techniques and training models that now are used by families and professionals working or living with dementia or other brain changes throughout the world.

Snow’s care techniques integrate facts about the brain with experiences and needs when doing, thinking, reasoning or processing becomes different or difficult due to dementia. She teaches about the value of connection when primary communication abilities are limited. Her teaching style is unique in that she is able to impersonate and model for her students and audience the struggle and changes dementia creates.

She is an advocate for those living with dementia and has made it her personal mission to help families and professionals better understand how it feels to be living with the challenges and change.

Organizers currently have people registered from as far away as Bridgewater and Halifax.

For further inquiries or to register contact: Earth Angels Home Care at 902-893-3553.

Catherine MacRae, operations manager, Earth Angels Homecare, right, with Teepa Snow who will be leading an evening presentation in Truro on Alzheimer’s and other dementias. (Submitted photo)

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