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STELLARTON — Pictou County Athletics has picked up the baton and plans to host a local elementary school track and field meet on June 28.

The event is scheduled for between 5 and 8 p.m. at the Pioneer Coal track and field facility in Stellarton.

“This year, there is no school-organized meet and therefore Pictou County Athletics is looking to organize its own elementary meet as we believe it is important for the county,” said Ryan Washburn, who is back coaching for the summer at the facility. “We talked about doing something last Friday and now we’re ready to go. It’s critical to the development of our track and field athletes.”


Washburn outlines softball throws, a modified version of hurdle races and regular track races over distances of 80, 100, 200 and 800 metres.

PCA head coach Pat Carty said the schools were consulted once the club felt it was ready to host the event. He said having the summer coaches available — Washburn, as well as Logan Coulet and Megan Graham — made it possible to consider hosting the meet.

“We talked about it and then went to the schools to see if it’s something we could do,” he said.

Graham said she’s glad to be training athletes in her chosen field.

“I do hurdles,” she said. “I’m here for the summer and it’s nice to do something I love.” A practice on Sunday provided evidence that the school students are ready to take part. Athletes from various local schools were busy practising racing and field events.

Registration is $5 and can be done at the site or through trackiereg.ca, an online tool for signing up for track and field meets.

Carty said hosting the meet is a good opportunity for Pictou County Athletics, as well as the students who will be taking part. “It’s good for the summer staff, future coaches and established athletes who will be officiating,” he said.

“We just think a lot of people will look forward to it. We hope it’s a one-of and we go back to the usual time for the elementary meet in early June.”

Local youngsters bolt from the starting line during a sprint practice at Pioneer Coal Athletic Field in Stellarton on Sunday. (Goodwin photo)


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