Bucktooth Rabbit: Small But Mighty by Sandra Mason and Jean Nicol

Bucktooth Rabbit: Small But Mighty by Sandra Mason and Jean Nicol

Adorable illustrated and completely relevant for all ages, Small But Mighty tells the story of acceptance and friendship through animal characters.

When a stranger moves into an abandoned badger’s den two friends, Bucktooth Rabbit and Martin Mouse, smell his presence long before meeting him. They set out on an adventure to see if they can determine who moved into their forest and ran into some trouble, known as Wolf. The stranger appears out of nowhere to defend the creatures of the forest. The same creature the other forest dwellers referred to as a monster saves the explorers even before meeting them.

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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and when Martin and Bucky experience a rescue, they realize it was wrong for them to judge by one aspect, one strange smell, of someone they never got to know.

We can learn a lot from the message and the characters of this book so I give it eight out of 10 hearts.

The book can be purchased directly through Jean Nicol, creator of The Eating Game, by visiting her website of http://theeatinggame.ca/.  Nicol resides in her home in King’s Head, NS.


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Sarah Butland
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