MacDonald Olympic winner during 2017 Melmerby Triathlon


MELMERBY BEACH — Ryan Shaun MacDonald is a Melmerby Triathlon champion.

MacDonald captured the Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday with a time of two hours, eight minutes and 57 seconds at the annual event.

His win followed a third-place finish last year when Corey Deveaux of Sydney River was the winner and Shawn Noftall of New Glasgow was second.

It also restored the win to a Pictou County triathlete after Ryan MacDonald of New Glasgow won the previous five Olympics events.

MacDonald was first out of the water in 23:31 and set the cycling pace with a time of 1:02:09. That gave him enough of a lead as the fourth fastest runner to finish more than five minutes ahead of runner-up Alex Russell of Halifax. Alan White of Joggins, N.S. was third.

“I’m really happy,” MacDonald said. “I wanted to be first out of the water. After that I just kept plugging away, grinding it out.”

Bryan Hipson of Yarmouth, who won the 2017 Johnny Miles Marathon in New Glasgow in June, placed fourth, while Tim Brooks of Baddeck was fifth.

Noftall was sixth, while Ed Parker of New Glasgow was seventh and Clint Snell of Westville was eighth.

Micheline McWhirter of Halifax was ninth and top overall female finisher, while Christa Hynes of New Glasgow was 10th overall second female and top local female finisher.

All 39 Olympic starters who entered the water finished the course.

Giorno D’Allenamento of Florence, N.S. won the sprint event in 1:03:04. Robert Langille of Halifax was second and Andre Pullman of Hubley, N.S. was third. There were 62 finishers in the event.

Evan Sharpe and Matt Fraser combined to win the team sprint event. Sharpe completed the swim in third place, while Fraser set the pace on the bike and run to give them first place out of four teams.

“It was a little windy on the bike, but overall it was a very good day,” Fraser said.

Michelle Zunti and Sonya Broadbent combined to win the Olympic team event.

Swimmer Thomas Baudoux, biker Jennifer Chabassol and runner Ethel Yorke placed second, while swimmer Ken Hetherington, biker Fred MacDonald and runner Terri Waldron were third.

Dara Pelkey-Field of Valley, N.S. was the first of 29 entries in the Super Sprint.

Swimmers begin their Olympic triathlon swim at Melmerby Beach. (Goodwin photo)

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