JUBILEE: Andersen on Jubie stage for a third time

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It has been said the third time’s a charm, so be prepared for Matt Andersen to charm his way into your heart at this year’s New Glasgow Riverfront Jubilee. This year marks Andersen’s third time on the Jubilee stage and he’s excited to be back.

“It’s always good to play some shows closer to home,” he said.

The New Brunswick native said he enjoys playing shows in the Maritimes because of the familiarity and the family reunion feeling it always brings.

Andersen has been touring for his album Honest Man for the last few months and is prepared to play some songs from that album as well as other favourites from his catalogue. He shared that he likes to play different tunes for different nights though, so depending on the mood he figures out what he would like to play that evening.

“We don’t do anything note for note so there’s always something special going to happen,” he said.

Although he’s been touring with Honest Man, Andersen said he’s been writing as well and working on some new stuff for future albums.

“I have a couple of tunes that I haven’t recorded yet that I might play,” he said.

With a mix of folk, blues and rock all wrapped up with some phenomenal guitar playing and smooth vocals, Andersen has a bit of something for everyone’s taste — whether it’s easy going music or something upbeat and fun. Andersen is just as excited to be back at Jubilee as the fans are to have him this year. Before his stop in New Glasgow, Andersen will be in Newfoundland and heading to British Columbia after rocking the Jubilee stage.

“I haven’t done the Jubilee in a while, it’s been a few years since the last time,” he said.

If you haven’t heard Honest Man yet, you had better brush up for some funky tunes and singing along with the soulful voice of Andersen and his songs that lend themselves to dancing.

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