Thanks for recognizing similarities, not differences


To the Editor:

Race on the River organizers, sponsors, and paddlers:

For the past 16 years you have helped create opportunities for us to be the best athletes we can be and to be part of a team. You are helping to level the playing field.


As most of you know, Special Olympics is more than an annual event. It is year round competitive and recreational sporting programs operating at the local, provincial, national and international levels.

The confidence gained through sport has positively translated into many other areas of our lives: we are employed, independent, contributing members of our communities.

As a beneficiary of Race on the River, we remember you each time we load the team bus, pull on our jerseys, dive into the pool, when our coaches inspire us to dig deep as we round that last corner and sprint for the finish line, and when we shake the hands of our competitors after a tough game.

Thank you for recognizing our similarities rather than our differences.

Much appreciation to the Pictou County ATV Club for ensuring we had a boat to paddle.

Jennifer Wadden
Special Olympics Northern Region
Special Olympics Pictou County Board Member and Race on the River Team Captain S.O. Bluenosers


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