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It was a mad dash for Pictou County’s Brenda Millar this July as she set off to capture first place in the P.E.I. Credit Union’s Cash Dash event.

The event is modelled after the popular TV show The Amazing Race with teams racing across P.E.I. and Nova Scotia to complete challenges and grab first prize before the other teams.

Millar, who competed with her friend Bev Tulpin of Summerside P.E.I., said she saw the contest shared on Facebook and thought “why not?”

“We were excited, we thought it would be a laugh, it would be fun,” Millar said. She added that some of the pit stops were challenging to complete — such as changing a tire when they had never done it before and building a table out of 2x4s. In all, there were about 20 challenges.

“We went for a helicopter ride in Masstown, that was probably the highlight for me,” she said.

The team finished first on the first day of the race, winning $1,000. With everyone starting at the same time on day two, they were neck and neck for a while with another team. Although they made it to the final destination in second place, the last destination required the contestants to withdraw money from a bank machine with a PIN number they had to figure out in a previous challenge.

As Millar and her friend made it to the bank they discovered that the team in first place had gotten their PIN wrong which put Millar’s team in first place to capture the win. For grabbing the first place finish, the friends received $4,000 as the grand prize.

“We were excited. Me and Bev are very competitive so I think saying that we won was more of a reward than the money,” Millar said. “It was fun, we had a lot of good laughs.”

Bev Tulpin, left, and Brenda Millar show off the prize money they won from this year’s P.E.I. Credit Union Cash Dash. (Submitted photo)

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