Park a great initiative by Lions Club


To the Editor:

What a wonderful idea for the Lion’s Club. A park for picnic and play in the summer and a place for winter fun as well; certainly a fantastic idea. My wife and I are not CFA, we are PBC (Pictou By Choice). We moved to Pictou because it is a fantastic town with good things happening, this is an example. We made the trek over on Saturday to add support for the park. After signing the petition, however, I did have some cautionary thoughts.

This park would be located behind some established business sites as well as the town building. People being what they are, the park could cause problems for these businesses because the view in that direction may be somewhat less than the beauty of the rest of the pond site. We must keep reality in perspective and, before it becomes a problem, just learn to turn your chair the other way.

Andrew Marshall runs a business which, at times, generates inorganic, environmentally neutral waste. Indeed, I have never heard a dirt pile described as attractive. This community must encourage and protect our small business folk because government seems only to support the big guys. North Shore Ballast is a treasure for this town. Aside from the value of having an exceptional mason in town, consider the jobs. For them to be forced to find another place to dump would be a big challenge and an unnecessary one, just because it might not look good in the picture. They were there first; just learn to turn your chair the other way.

The town has a place where branches, leaves and yard waste are dumped. Again, a brush pile is not normally viewed as a thing of beauty. I understand this site, as well as their neighbours, are inspected and scrutinized by the department of the environment in a regular and vigorous way. Being forced to cart this to Mount William or some other location, only to please the eye of the park-goers, would be a totally wasteful expense. Just learn to turn your chair the other way.

So, congratulations to the Lion’s Club for their initiative. It is a truly wonderful idea for use of a lovely area. Let us keep things in perspective and leave the neighbours be. It actually might even add to the mystique of the setting; sort of like a place we may have gone to play in our unfettered youth.

Blaine MacDonald


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